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MPT Soft Tissue Tool: / 203-610-1357

A.J Ginnis, seven-year member of US Ski Team and current FIS World Cup Alpine athlete

"I sustained a torn ACL while training indoors in September, 2021.  My knee was surgically repaired by Dr. Rob Laprade and my return to snow was set at 9 months.  I began using the MPT Soft Tissue Tool right around the eighth week of my surgical recovery.  I primarily used it to break through scar tissue and treat sore muscles when my physio wasn't around.  It provided relief and the design allowed for easy and comfortable self-use.  Unlike traditional "scraping tools", the MPT allowed for smooth treatment without the typical grinding sensation.  Its design and shape also meant I only needed to carry one around with me versus having to haul a box of them in order to reach every corner and area.  I'm currently a little over 6 months post op and still use the MPT Soft Tissue Tool as a rehabilitation tool whenever my knee(s) and muscles get pissed at me after heavy lifts.  I would recommend this tool to any individual and athlete recovering from a surgical procedure, and for those experiencing intense soreness in their ligaments and muscles". 

Julia Kern, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team

"The MPT Soft Tissue Tool traveled in my duffel bag this whole winter, providing me the tool to loosen up my IT Bands, shins and calves after taxing cross country ski races on the World Cup.  I have struggled with ITB Syndrome for the three years now and having the flexibility to loosen up my tissues at any time on the road has been super helpful for faster recovery".

Jake Suddreth, MLB Pitcher

"The MPT Soft Tissue Tool is hands down the best soft tissue tool I've ever used.  The curved design with straight edges allows me to loosen multiple muscle groups like I've never been able to do with a single tool.  The tool's weight and handles make it easy to get into any spot with control and the right amount of pressure".
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